Carbon Capture & Storage

Programme Objectives

  • Detailed examination of key carbon capture and storage techniques and technologies through the entire supply chain (combustion, transport, geoscience, legal).
  • Development of conceptual and analytical skills to enable critical evaluation of projected CCS schemes.
  • Enable dialogue with specialists in the CCS supply chain, such as geoscientists, engineers, regulators.
  • Understanding of background environmental issues surrounding CCS.
  • Appreciation of environmental issues for individual CCS sites
  • Completion of a tailored research project of a standard suitable for publication in the peer-reviewed literature, to provide graduates with high-level experience in one aspect of the design and assessment of a CCS scheme.

Teaching and Assessment

MSc teaching is executed through a range of teaching and assessment modes all of which are designed to prepare the student the for the master's dissertation and employment outside of academia.

Teaching modes vary with courses but may include:

  • Formal lectures on targeted topics and case studies from around the world
  • Informal lectures with questions and group discussion
  • Reading lists from key peer-reviewed social and natural science literature
  • Practical classes including computer and decision tree modelling on some courses
  • Verbal feedback on previous practical work
  • A chance to question lecturers on their expert topics

Assessment modes vary with courses but may include:

  • Short written responses and reviews of key readings and literature
  • Formal essays demonstrating critical thinking and analytic of complex topics;
  • Essay based exams on key content of courses
  • Group and individual visual and verbal presentations on case study topics
  • Group and individual poster session materials on case study topics

Our analytical facilities allow for further independent study and practice and open up potential for summer projects.

Please contact us if you have any questions

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