Professor Stuart Haszeldine

Current Research Students

Kit Carruthers Research Student (Full-Time)
Emma Hipkins Research Student (Full-Time)
Rudra Kapila Research Student (Full-Time)
Rachel Kilgallon Research Student (Full-Time)
Rory McKavney Research Student (Full-Time)
Jamie Stewart Research Student (Full-Time)
Jeremy Turk Research Student (Full-Time)
Changyou Xia Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students

Ben Evar Epistemologies of Uncertainty: Governing CO2 Capture and Storage Science and Technology (PhD, 2014)
Niklas Heinemann Physical and chemical effects of CO2 storage in saline aquifers of the southern North Sea (PhD, 2013)
David Lee Genesis of fault hosted carbonate fracture cements in a naturally high CO2 province, South Viking Graben, UK North Sea (PhD, 2013)
Grant Nicoll Evaluation of the Nordland Group overburden as an effective seal for the Sleipner CO2 storage site (offshore Norway) using analytical and stochastic modelling techniques (PhD, 2012)
Peter Cox The Porosity and Permeability Relationships of teh Lekhwair and Lower Kharaib Formations (PhD, 2011)
Christian Lynch Numerical investigation of preferential flow paths developed by CO2 escaping from deep seated containment systems (PhD, 2011)
David Price Statistical correlation and simulation of carbonate heterogeneity (PhD, 2009)
Jiemen Lu CO2 interaction with aquifer and seal on geological timescales: Miller oilfield, UK North Sea. (PhD, 2008)
Zana Conway The origin of the silverpit structure, UK North Sea: meteorite impact or salt withdrawal? (PhD, 2007)
Helen Doran Diagenesis of a fractured chalk reservoir: Machar oilfield, Central North Sea (PhD, 2005)

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