The list below provides phone numbers and email addresses about staff and students with links to further information including research interests:

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Emeritus Professors and Honorary Positions List

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Name Phone Role
Benn, Doug Prof   Honorary Professor
Blake, Stephen Prof   Honorary Professor
Boulton, Geoffrey S. Prof 0131 650 4844   Regius Professor of Geology Emeritus, Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Catchpole, Roger Dr +44(0)7924237114   Honorary Fellow
Chadwick, Andrew Prof   Honorary Professor
Clarkson, Euan N.K. Prof 0131 650 5110   Honorary Professor
Darling, Kate Prof   Honorary Fellow
Dixon, Tim   Honorary Lecturer
Dunai, Tibor Dr   Honorary Professor
Elliot, Mary Prof   Visiting Professor
Elphick, Stephen Dr   Honorary Fellow
Fallick, Anthony E. Prof 01355 270 139   Honorary Professor
Farmer, John G. Prof 0131 650 4907   Professor Emeritus and Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Finnegan, John Prof   Honorary Professor
Fraser, Nicholas Dr   Honorary Fellow
Furley, Peter A. Prof 0131 650 2517   Professor Emeritus and Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Gaunt, John Dr   Honorary Fellow
Gjerde, Kristina Dr   Honorary Fellow
Graham, Colin M. Prof 0131 650 4849   Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow,Professor of Experimental Geochemistry
Hall, Adrian Dr 0131 311 6969   Honorary Fellow (Director of ICT, Fettes College)
Harker, Stuart Dr   Honorary Fellow
Harte, Ben Prof 0131 651 7220   Emeritus Professor
Harwood, Robert S. Prof 0131 650 4907   Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Hughes, Jonathan   Honorary Fellow
Inall, Mark Prof   Honorary Professor
Johnson, Michael Dr   Honorary Fellow
Johnson, Michael R.W. Dr 0131 650 5110   Honorary Fellow
Kenter, Jasper Dr   Honorary Fellow
Manning, David Prof   Honorary Professor of Soil Mineral Processes
Meldrum, George Prof   Honorary Professor
Monro, Stuart K. Prof 0131 477 1124   Honorary Professor (Scientific Director, Scottish Consortium for Rural Research)
Moss, Duncan   Honorary Fellow
Musson, Roger Dr   Honorary Fellow
Parsons, Ian Prof 0131 650 5110   Professor Emeritus
Riddell, Michael Dr   Honorary Fellow
Siegert, Martin Prof   Honorary Professor
Smith, Keith Dr   Honorary Professorial Fellow
Sutton, Mark Prof   Honorary Professor
Tear, Adrian   Honorary Fellow
Thompson, Roy Prof 0131 650 4907   Professor Emeritus and Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Thornton, Philip Dr   Honorary Fellow
Tibor, Dunai Prof   Honorary Professor
Upton, Brian G.J. Prof 0131 650 5110   Emeritus Professor of Petrology and Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Walcott, Rachel C. Dr 0131 650 9140   Honorary Lecturer
Walsh, Stig Dr   Honorary Fellow
Wightman, Andy Dr   Honorary Fellow
Worboys, Michael Prof   Honorary Professor
Young, Mark Dr   Honorary Fellow

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