Asbestos quiz

There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding about asbestos which can lead to unnecessary anxiety and expensive removal work so spend a few minutes and see much you really know about asbestos.....

1. Which of the following is not a property of asbestos?
  A. Chemical resistance
  B. Thermal insulation
  C. Acoustic deadening
  D. Absorbs UV light
2. Flock is another name for:
  A. Sprayed coating
  B. AIB bonded with PVA
  C. Trade name for a 'Bulldog' finish on pipe lagging
  D. A type of asbestos replacement product
3. Which of the following is NOT an asbestos mineral?
  A. Anthophyllite
  B. Crocidolite
  C. Erionite
  D. Actinolite
4. Which type of asbestos would you expect to find in a woven gasket?
  A. Tremolite
  B. Chrysotile
  C. Crocidolite
  D. Amosite
5. Asbestos was most commonly used in which type of product?
  A. Asbestos cement
  B. Insulation board
  C. Lagging
  D. Textiles
6. Apart from Amosite, what is the most common asbestos type found in insulating board?
  A. Crocidolite
  B. Erionite
  C. Brown
  D. Chrysotile
7. In which year was the production of asbestos cement products banned in the UK?
  A. 1972
  B. 1999
  C. 1992
  D. 1985
8. Approximately how many products were made that used asbestos?
  A. 500
  B. 150
  C. 3500
  D. 4500
9. Breathing in just one fibre of asbestos is enough to lead to an asbestos related disease:
  A. True
  B. False
10. Amosite is often referred to as:
  A. Blue Asbestos
  B. Limpet
  C. Brown Asbestos
  D. AIB
11. Which of the following pieces of legislation needs to be considered when dealing with asbestos?
  A. The Control of Asbestos Regulations
  B. The Construction Design and Management Regulations
  C. The Management of Health and Safety Regulations
  D. All of the above
12. Asbestos fibres are most hazardous if they are:
  A. Inhaled
  B. Touched
  C. Swallowed
  D. Smelt
13. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations, dutyholders must:
  A. Remove all known asbestos materials
  B. Inform the HSE when asbestos is found
  C. Manage asbestos and produce a management plan
  D. Paint all asbestos materials yellow
14. If, during maintenance work you damage an asbestos containing material what should you do?
  A. Carry on working, your job will only take another 15 minutes
  B. Tell your supervisor and carry on to get the job finished
  C. Stop work, clean up the debris and report it to your supervisor
  D. Stop work and report the damage to your supervisor and the Asbestos Management Team
15. Asbestos containing materials can be identified by:
  A. Their colour
  B. Their taste, dry and chalky
  C. Specialist laboratory analysis
  D. The sound they make when knocked

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