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The zone and premises teams are managed by the building and engineering operations managers.

Premises managers

The premises manager will be the first point of contact for all estates/facilities queries of a routine/operational nature.

He/she will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of all hard and soft services to required standards and will develop and maintain clear communication channels with college and school representatives to monitor and review performance across all estates activities.

The premises manager will provide professional and effective management services to clients and will lead the premises team to facilitate the implementation of major replacement and compliance work programs and small and minor works project.

Person Phone Email
John Williamson
Central Area
0131 650 2477 John.Williamson@ed.ac.uk
Jim Brown
Kings Buildings
0131 650 2487 Jim.Brown@ed.ac.uk
Rab Calder
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
0131 650 9366 Robert.Calder@ed.ac.uk

Assistant premises managers

Under the direction of the premises manager, the assistant premises manager will be responsible for arranging for the repair and maintenance of all building fabric and engineering services and monitoring performance and assisting with the development and implementation of major replacement and compliance work programs and small and minor works projects

Central Area

Phone Email
Ian Swan
Central Area
0131 650 2481 Ian.Swan@ed.ac.uk
Susan Leven
Central Area
0131 650 9246 Susan.Leven@ed.ac.uk
Graham McGrath
Central Area
0131 650 2472 Graham.McGrath@ed.ac.uk

King's Buildings

Phone Email
Ray Flockhart
Kings Buildings
0131 650 2476 Ray.Flockhart@ed.ac.uk
John Morgan
Kings Buildings
0131 650 2480 John.Morgan@ed.ac.uk
Michael Riley
Kings Buildings
0131 651 6666 Michael.Riley@ed.ac.uk

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Phone Email
Ged Ford
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
0131 650 2478 Ged.Ford@ed.ac.uk
Roderick Gordon
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
0131 650 9515 Roderick.Gordon@ed.ac.uk
Jeff Butt
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
0131 650 7937 Jeff.Butt@ed.ac.uk

Accommodation Services

Phone Email
David Jack
Accommodation Services
0131 650 2475 David.Jack@ed.ac.uk
John Askins
Accommodation Services
0131 650 8218 John.Askins@ed.ac.uk
Derek Burnett
Accommodation Services
0131 650 4486 Derek.Burnett@ed.ac.uk

Support services area managers

The support services area manager is responsible for managing and delivering the efficient and effective provision of operational support services.

The services to be managed include cleaning, waste management and uniformed services, including mail and transport.

A support services assistant and a domestic services manager will assist the support services area manager.

Central Area

Phone Email
David Brook
Central Area
0131 650 9775 David.Brook@ed.ac.uk

Peripheral Areas

Phone Email
Eoin Moar
Peripheral Areas
0131 650 7540 Eoin.Moar@ed.ac.uk

Estate development managers

The estate development manager will be the first point of contact for all estate strategy and major estate development projects in the college/school and will work as part of the college management team to help develop appropriate strategies for the estate that link into the University’s corporate estate plans.

Phone Email
Anna Stamp
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
0131 651 4225 Anna.Stamp@ed.ac.uk
Callum Robertson
Humanities and Social Science
0131 650 9053 Callum.Robertson@ed.ac.uk
Jane Johnston
Accommodation Services and Support Groups
0131 651 4342 Jane3.Johnston@ed.ac.uk
Cliff Barraclough
Science and Engineering
0131 651 4341 Cliff.Barraclough@ed.ac.uk
Alasdair McKim
Estate Wide
0131 650 9091 Alasdair.McKim@ed.ac.uk

Building or engineering operations managers

The building or engineering officer (hard services) will provide an overview from a corporate perspective of building and engineering matters, including planned maintenance priority and policy.

They will also provide support and guidance to the project and premises managers on building and engineering matters.

Phone Email
George Boag
Building Operations Manager
0131 650 2496 George.Boag@ed.ac.uk
David Barratt
Engineering Operations Manager
0131 650 2484 David.Barratt@ed.ac.uk

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