Recycling Co-ordinators

The following provides details on how to become a recycling coordinator and what it involves.

Role of a Recycling Coordinator

The role of the School Recycling Coordinator is absolutely central to the implementation of the University’s Recycling and Waste Management Policy 2010.

For more information on our policy, follow the link below:

The Recycling Coordinator shall provide the day-to-day point of contact and channel of communication on all aspects of Waste Reduction.

This relates to improving solid and liquid waste storage and disposal practices, but also relating to wider aspects of environmental protection and conservation of resources - all as they affect School / institute / centre or unit.

The main role of the Recycling Coordinator(s) is to:

  • Advise and assist the Head of School in managing effective and legal waste management and environmental protection practices
  • Act as the principal point of contact providing a local source of guidance and information on good waste management practice
  • Identify opportunities for Waste Minimisation through improvements to normal working practices or through investment in facilities for waste reduction
  • Ensure that new people and visitors receive suitable induction training and that all employees are properly briefed / updated on procedures
  • Devise local waste spillage response procedures and incorporate these into School documentation. Maintain and supervise use of appropriate Spillage Kits
  • Conduct or coordinate the periodic review / audit of local procedures and make recommendations for improvements
  • Liaise directly with Director of Estates and Buildings and / or Energy & Sustainability Office staff.

How to become a recycling coordinator

A Head of School will normally nominate another person in the School as School Recycling Coordinator.

Where Schools are large, and particularly where they cover more than one site, Local Recycling Coordinators should be appointed so they may act for a particular building or local administrative unit.

You can also nominate yourself as a School or Local Recycling Coordinator.

Updating Contact Details

If you are retiring or indeed a new member of staff taking over the role of Recycling Coordinator please let the Waste and Recycling Team know, providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Job role
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • School / Department you are in
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