Equipment Exchange Overview

How to use this service to advertise your unwanted goods or find items for your Department / Unit.

What is the purpose of the Equipment Exchange site

The Equipment Exchange facility is open to all staff (including researchers) and aims to find a new home within the University for redundant equipment. The Exchange provides a means for the equipment to be advertised, and exchanged or sold between departments - whilst remaining within the University ownership.

This service is NOT suitable for exchanging data-containing devices (including harddrives, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc).

Aims of the facility

  • To reduce the deterioration of capital equipment through lying in disuse.
  • To reduce the amount of waste created through redundant equipment being discarded.
  • To enable departments to recover some of their outlay on equipment that is no longer needed.
  • To reduce the necessity for money and resources to be expended on buying new items which may already be available within the University.

WARPit trial


The University has embarked on a trial of WARPit - a reuse portal used across the UK by public and private sector organisations.

WARPit provides a more dynamic approach for us to advertise and share equipment. If you have equipment to list, please consider also listing it on WARPit. Follow the links below for more information and to register (this is open to UoE staff only).

Using the Equipment Exchange

Advertised items

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