List of Coordinators

Details of the Equality and Diversity Coordinators.

College of Humanities & Social Science
Name School Email
Dr Galina Andreeva Business School
Dr Aisha Holloway Health in Social Science
Prof. Martin Fransman Economics
Dr Elizabeth Koepping Divinity
Dr Billy Lee Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science
Dr Julian Goodare History, Classics and Archaeology
Dr Francine Shields Edinburgh College of Art
Dr Alexandra Smith Literatures, Languages and Cultures
Dr Lisa Kendall Law
College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
Name School Email
Carmel Moran Clinical Sciences
Vacancy Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Dr Fanney Kristmundsdottir Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Dr Mayank Dutia Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Vacancy Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences
College of Science & Engineering
Name School Email
Dr Toni Collis Physics
Dr Raja Ganeshram GeoSciences
Prof. Andrew Hudson Biological Sciences
Dr Natalia Bochkina Mathematics
Dr Stephen Moggach Chemistry
Prof Mirella Lapata Informatics
Katherine Cameron Engineering

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