Student comments

Quotes from students about this MSc and the University.

"The University of Edinburgh has a really international feel, with a truly diverse student body. I found the MSc programme stimulating, engaging and challenging. I found the lecturers and administrative staff incredibly helpful and encouraging and they managed to achieve a delicate balance between pushing me to achieve my potential without driving me over the edge! I would love to do it all over again!"

Sarah Grimson

MSc Education

"Living in Edinburgh and studying at Edinburgh University has been great and the most valuable experience of my life. The MSc Education courses available were incredibly varied and appealing. I hope that I will be able to introduce some of the ideas I have learnt in Scotland when I return home to teach in China."

Meilan Nan

MSc Education

"Edinburgh is a great city in which to live and study catering to the student lifestyle. The Staff at Moray House are extremely welcoming and approachable and are always there to help when you need it. The MSc course is hard work, but as long as you are prepared to put in the work it can be a very rewarding experience."

Richard Purves

MSc Education

"The MSc programme has certainly offered what I was looking for. I could never forget Moray House, which is a study paradise. As a person who has benefited a lot form the MSc Education, I feel proud that I can use the knowledge to service more people."

Lu Bai

MSc Education

"The Moray House School of Education gave me a fruitful year in preparation for later study. I gained effective research skills essential for my current research pursuing a PhD within The Moray House School of Education."

Chun M. Tai

MSc Educational Research

"During my year in Edinburgh I made several friendships which will last a lifetime. I keep returning to Edinburgh whenever I can."

Natasha Pantic

MSc Education

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