A taught postgraduate programme designed to support the development of your leadership capabilities within a work-based learning environment.

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NameDeveloping Educational Leadership and Learning
Start DateAugust 2016
Modes of StudyPgCert (Part-time) 2 yrs
Programme DirectorDr Deirdre Torrance
How to apply
Please note, this programme will commence in 2016. More information will be available here when applications open.

Why choose our Developing Educational Leadership and Learning programme?

The Certificate in Developing Educational Leadership and Learning is an exciting and innovative school leadership preparation programme. The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in partnership with the EIS have collaborated to develop this new programme, first offered in 2009.

An important feature of this programme has been to provide flexible learning opportunities using online learning, learner networks with opportunities for course participants to work together, teaching sessions and school based tasks. Work-based learning is crucial to successful completion of the programme. Through this model of development, participants are supported to draw from the theory to critically reflect in and on educational leadership practice.

A key aim of this programme is to provide flexible provision, which not only prepares aspiring leaders, but also provides quality continuous professional development experience for a range of teachers. The importance of leadership shared across schools with different members of the school community making a contribution is now well established. The EIS (2010) in their policy paper on leadership highlight that every teacher has a leadership role. Teacher leadership is an important issue in education where it is now widely recognised that teachers have a central role in leading learning in the school. An important distinction can be made between the leadership role teachers play and management posts in the school. Teachers as leaders in learning can develop and draw upon their expertise in the classroom to collaborate with others. It is here that real differences can be made to the learning lives of pupils and to their achievement. It is important that all teachers should feel confident in making their contribution to the school’s development of learning and teaching.

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