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Details about placement and our Placement Unit for students on our undergraduate/PGDE programmes.


Placement is an integral part of Moray House School of Education's programmes as it provides a context for the development of understanding, and an arena for the practice and enhancement of abilities.

Placement gives students the opportunity to take further their increasing skills by implementing and evaluating their theoretical knowledge in a professional setting.

It is normal for students to undertake a combination of single days and blocks of several weeks in their particular professional context.

Placement Unit (PU)

Placements for Teacher Education courses are arranged by the School's Placement Unit (PU), located within the Undergraduate Office. The PU liaise with representatives from education authorities across Scotland to secure placements for the different programmes.

The allocation of students to schools is based on a range of criteria, including, wherever possible, the geographical location of both the student and the school. It may be necessary, however, to place student’s outwith their immediate geographical location.

Once a placement has been arranged it cannot normally be changed, and students must present exceptional circumstances, through their Programme Director, to the PU if there is a case to be made for a change of placement. Under no circumstances must students approach schools directly if any change is to be requested.

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