Guidance for staff, information for students, and key deadlines in the annual quality process.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

The School complies with the Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) priorities and more general Quality requirements of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The College follows the overall guidelines on QAE provided by the University.

The University complies with the requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education.

In addition, many of the School’s taught programmes are accredited by the appropriate Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body. For further details on such accreditation, see individual programmes. Such accreditation provides further assurance regarding quality.

Overall responsibility for Quality Assurance in the School rests with the Director (Shereen Benjamin) and Depute Director (Andrew Horrell) of Quality, who in turn are accountable to the Head of School.

Any suggestions for improvement of the quality of the information provided in these pages should be addressed to Shereen or Andrew in the first instance.


What you need to know about student representation on quality-related committees, and support that is available.


Guidance for course and programme monitoring and evaluation, annual reporting, peer observation of teaching, and internal and external review is contained in the School’s Annual Guide to Quality, which also sets out the School’s current priorities in the area of Quality.

Annual quality reporting

A timeline with key deadlines in the annual quality review process is available from the College of Humanities and Social Science.

The Moray House School of Education 2011-12 QAE report is available here.


Through our Accessible Learning approach we provide as accessible an environment as possible.

Questions and suggestions about improving accessibility should be directed to the School Co-ordinator for Accessibility, Ruby Rennie.

  • Contact Ruby Rennie
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