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Innovative Learning Week: 16-20 Feb 201516 - 20 February 2015
Innovative Learning Week (ILW) is a week-long programme of creative and experiential learning events for students and staff - an excellent opportunity to develop new skills. Events for ILW 2015 have not been fully organised yet, but if you'd like to get an idea of the sort of events we run, you can find examples of 2014 events through the following link.
What happens during ILW?

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Student representation and support

What you need to know about student representation on quality related committees, and support that is available.

Teaching and Learning Charter

Our Teaching and Learning Charter clarifies what students can expect from us - and what we expect from students.


Information about how the School of Education makes learning accessible to all students.

Health and safety

Details about health and safety throughout the University.

Electronic submission of written assignments

Students on courses in the School of Education must submit all written assignments electronically. Exceptions will be made only where the student's entitlement to adjustment of assessment procedures requires it. Programme directors and course organisers can advise students about the procedures for electronic submission.

Good academic practice

Information and resources to help improve your academic writing and ensure that you understand what plagiarism is and how it can be avoided.

Results questions

Release dates for taught degree programme results, interim awards, final awards and classifications or other outcomes.

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