Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies represents a wide and deeply investigated scope of texts, approaches, and issues.

Divinity library

In addition to all the writings that comprise the sacred scriptures of Christian and Jewish faith-communities, we take account of 'extra-canonical' writings of Jewish and Christian provenance.

We also cover a rich assortment of other texts and evidence, especially from the times and cultures in which the biblical writings were composed.

Approaches to study

Today's biblical scholarship includes a number of approaches:

  • historical (probing the texts in their earliest context)
  • literary (literary features/properties of the biblical writings and also in light of current literary theories)
  • cultural/contextual (engagement with the biblical writings in different cultures and settings)
  • feminist (focusing on questions arising from women’s experiences) and others

We also have a particular concern to encourage the study of the biblical languages, which students can commence as part of their first-year work.

We presume no particular religious standpoint.

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