Life at New College

Get a sense of life at New College from our current students, and from our video and interactive tours.

Recent graduates speak

Corin Heney - MA Hons Religious Studies & English Literature

Dan Harper - BD Hons Divinity

Ross Jesmont - MA Hons Divinity

Jamie Dumas - MA Hons Divinity

A sense of culture and community

"People were encouraged to work together through discussion which encouraged a familiar atmosphere."

"It has been very good for widening my understanding to not criticise religions, it's given me certain tools to be able to be compassionate that are different from my own culture."

Small, stimulating classes

"Overall, this has been an amazing learning experience. The academic staff has been incredibly helpful and available when queries have arisen. The course content has been hugely stimulating, tough in that good way. Presentation of seminars etc. will be extremely useful within an employment/life context beyond study."

"Small class sizes overall. Good subject library. Some very knowledgeable, accessible staff. Some fascinating, quirky classes available."

Helpful and encouraging staff

"I have enjoyed the assistance and encouragement that I have received from lecturers. The feedback I have received has been informative and fair. Overall, my experience of university as a mature student has been affirming and has given me a greater sense of ability."

"My department is relatively small, so I feel that I get a lot of support. The staff knows who I am, which has been a huge bonus and has affected my studies in a very positive way."

Video and interactive tours

Video tour

If you have visual or hearing difficulties, this information on these tours is available elsewhere on our site.

Our video tour introduces New College and the surrounding area, giving you a chance to meet our staff and see what our classes are like.

For those not able to attend the University Open Days, the video gives a taster of the presentation given by one of the School's Academic staff.

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