We are made up of 10 business units (four commercial and six core operations).

Edinburgh Research and Innovation

Head & shoulders photo of Derek Waddell, Director of Edinburgh Research & Innovation

Director: Derek Waddell

Edinburgh Research and Innovation's objectives are to support the University in achieving two of its strategic goals: excellence in research and excellence in commercialisation and knowledge exchange. Our particular focus is on engaging with our wider community, building strategic partnerships and collaborations, and advancing internationalisation.

Accommodation Services

Head & shoulders photo of Richard Kington, Director of Accommodation Services

Director: Richard Kington

Our core objective is the provision of residential accommodation to over 7,000 students, all supported by significant welfare and community cultures. We also deliver extensive and great value conference, meeting, accommodation and catering services through our Edinburgh First commercial opperations.

Centre for Sport and Exercise

Head & shoulders photo of Jim Aitken, Director of the Centre for Sport and Exercise

Director: Jim Aitken

The Centre for Sport and Exercise hosts national and international sporting events and is one of the few 5* rated facilities in Scotland providing a comprehensive range of sport and exercise opportunities for students, staff and members of the local community - whether they be absolute beginners or elite level athletes.

Edinburgh University Press

Head & shoulders photo of Timothy Wright, Director of Edinburgh University Press

Director: Timothy Wright

Edinburgh University Press is the third largest university press in the UK and the leading Scottish publisher of academic books and journals of the highest scholarly quality across its chosen subjects in the humanities and social sciences areas.

Estates and Buildings

Director: Gary Jebb

Estates and Buildings provides a stimulating working and learning environment appropriate to the needs of a leading international centre of excellence. To achieve this we spend some £60m capital expenditure a year on major new builds or large refurbishments.


Director: Phil McNaull

Our Finance Department and its staff are responsible for the effective financial management, stewardship and long term financial health of the University, which has a turnover in excess of £635m per year.

Health and Safety

Head & shoulders photo of Alastair Reid, Director of Health & Safety

Director: Alastair Reid

The objective of our Health and Safety operation is to ensure the activities of all staff, students and visitors of the University are carried out in a safe and healthy manner whilst compliant with regulatory and professional standards and best practice.

Procurement and Printing Services

Head & shoulders photo of Karen Bowman, Director of Procurement & Printing Services

Director: Karen Bowman

Procurement and Printing colleagues are responsible for ensuring best value for money across all goods and services delivered to the University. Procurement legislation across the public sector has recently undergone major change with our unit now a recognised leader in the HE/FE sector.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Director: Dave Gorman

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