University brand

Guidelines on how to ensure the University's brand and logos are represented consistently in all communications.

Branding and logos

Much more than a simple badge, our logo embodies what the University of Edinburgh is all about. It tells people who we are, what we stand for, and what we offer.

From colours to typeface and placement, usage must be consistent and clear for maximum impact as our key visual identity.

University Facts and Figures presentation

This PowerPoint presentation contains key facts and strategic messages about the University. This presentation should not be altered and may be used either on its own or as an introduction to a presentation.

Please note that there are additional notes attached to each slide.

Powerpoint templates

These generic presentation templates form part of the University’s visual identity and can be downloaded for use in any University presentation.

Marketing and promotional templates

Our templates will help you to create consistent, University-branded marketing and promotional material.

Alternate document formats

The University has an ethical and legal responsibility under the Disability Discrimination Act to provide all its documents in alternative formats upon request.

Information Services have produced a guide which details the standard text to appear on documents and how to provide alternate formats if requested.

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