Support services available from the Chaplaincy, and elsewhere in the University and in Edinburgh.


In the event of a sudden death, hospitalisation or acute crisis the Chaplaincy can be contacted at any time.


Help outside term time

Outside term time, the Chaplains are still available, particularly for emergencies: please call Security on 0131 650 2257 and they will contact a Chaplain for you.

During the day, most of the University support services will still be available outside term time - click on "other support services" below for a full list.

If you would rather not talk to a member of University staff for whatever reason, Nightline is not available outside term time, but the Samaritans offer a similar service - contact them at the link below or phone on 08457 909090.

The Samaritans

Personal support

We offer personal support for students and staff, whether or not you have a religious affiliation or consider yourself to be religious.

Personal support

Belief-specific contacts

If you would like support that is specific to your religious faith (including Humanism), then you should be able to find someone in our list of Honorary Chaplains and Belief Contacts. Many of them have an email address listed on their profile - the remainder can be contacted via the Chaplaincy.

List of Honorary Chaplains and Belief Contacts

Mental health and wellbeing

The University has a wide variety of mental health and wellbeing services. Some events put a focus on the academic aspects of University life such as essay writing and exam preparation. Others offer the opportunity to learn about the steps you can take to help with common difficulties like ‘being stuck’ or ‘low confidence.’ There are drop ins, workshops and courses to teach you skills you can apply more widely like Mindfulness and Tai chi.

Events are organised on campus by the Institute of Academic Development for undergraduates (IAD), The Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE), The Chaplaincy, The International Student Centre (ISC), and The Student Counselling Service (SCS), and off campus by Health in Mind.

Other support services

The University has a range of services which offer support.

Other support services

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