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We conduct research in a wide range of biomedical topics.

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Some of our researchers have provided brief introductions to their different areas of interest within the School.

Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems (CCNS)

Name Research Briefing title Research interest
Kelly, Paul New molecules in mood disorders mood disorders

Centre for Integrative Physiology

Name Research Briefing title Research interest
Cousin, Mike Presynaptic Cell Biology Presynaptic function and dysfunction; neurotransmitter release, synaptic vesicle endocytosis
Davies, Jamie The building and rebuilding of mammalian organs Organ Development, Tissue Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatic support for all of the above
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex Cortical development, Synaptic function and plasticity, GABAergic transmission
Duguid, Ian Sensory information processing and motor learning in the cerebellum Glutamate receptors
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling and hypoxia-response coupling AMP-activated protein kinase
Flatman, Peter Cotransporters and hypertension cotransporters
Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular basis for novel analgesic interventions Analgesics
Gillingwater, Tom Neuronal vulnerability in neurodegenerative disease Degeneration, SMA
Hall, Andrew Chondrocytes, osteoarthritis and bone growth Chondrocytes, Osteoarthritis
Hardingham, Giles NMDA receptor control of neuronal survival and death NMDA receptors
Jackson, Mandy Molecular mechanisms of cerebellar degeneration Ataxia, cerebellum
Jarman, Andrew Developmental genetics of neurogenesis in Drosophila Transcriptional regulation of neurogenesis, Sensory development, Ciliogenesis
Leng, Gareth Computational modelling of neural networks Oxytocin
Ludwig, Mike Are Neuropeptides Brain Hormones? Oxytocin, vasopressin
Mason, John Molecular mechanisms of brain development Identifying molecular mechanisms that control embryonic development of the mammalian brain
Mitchell, Rory Molecular pharmacology and novel signalling pathways of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) Therapeutics
Nolan, Matthew Neural circuits and computation Electrophysiology, optogenetics, navigation, circuit disorders.
Pennetta, Giuseppe Genetic dissection of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis pathogenesis in Drosophila Drosophila
Pratt, Tom Developmental neurobiology of axon guidance
Price, David How brains are made
Ribchester, Richard Plasticity of neuromuscular junctions in health and disease Motor neurones
Shipston, Mike Postranscriptional regulation of ion channel physiology
Simmen, Martin Mapping and computational modelling of nucleosome positions
Skehel, Paul Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Spears, Norah Female reproductive development
Theil, Thomas Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain
Torsney, Carole Sensory plasticity in chronic pain conditions
West, John Stem cells and genetic defects of the corneal epithelium corneal epithelium
Wyllie, David Electrophysiological studies of glutamate receptors

Centre for Neuroregeneration (CNR)

Name Research Briefing title Research interest
Arambukkana, Anura Cell Plasticity, Infection, Reprogramming and Nervous System Repair Schwann Cell, leprosy
Becker, Catherina Development and regeneration of the zebrafish nervous system Zebrafish
Brophy, Peter How nerves switch to rapid conduction and how it can go wrong Nervous system, neurons
Horsburgh, Karen Cerebrovascular dysfunction and impact on white matter integrity:relevance to ageing and Alzheimer’s Alzheimers disease
Lyons, David Cellular and molecular analysis of myelinated axon development in zebrafish Zebrafish

Centre for Cardiovascular Science (CVS)

Name Research Briefing title Research interest
Hadoke, Paddy Glucocorticoids and the Cardiovascular System Atherosclerosis, Angiogenesis, glucocorticoids, androgens, stem cells, imaging.
Harmar, Tony Circadian control of physiology and behaviour Circadian clock

Division of Pathway Medicine

Name Research Briefing title Research interests
Welburn, Susan Molecular Epidemiology of Zoonotic diseases of humans, livestock and wildlife of Africa

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