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Zoology (C300)


Zoology is the study of animals at all levels, from their molecular and cell biology to their behaviour and evolution. It provides a broad training for a biologist and our graduates go on to a wide range of careers in biology, for example, in conservation, in academic, medical or industrial research, or in teaching. Zoology Honours students have usually done second year courses in Animal Biology and Evolution in Action, and a mix of "whole organism" courses (e.g. Parasite Biology) and more "cellular" courses, such as Immunology in the third year. In the final year students take core courses in evolution and in arthropod biology, and three optional modules chosen from animal ecology, behaviour, development, evolution and parasite biology. About half of their time is spent on a research project in one of these areas.

Award: BSc
Entry Requirements: Please see the section on Grades

Introduction | Second & Third Year | Fourth Year (Senior Honours)

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