List of all academic, research, technical and administrative staff.

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Institute of Evolutionary Biology staff list

Head of Institute

NameEmail AddressTelephone
Professor Josephine Pemberton +44 (0) 131 650 5505

Institute Secretary

NameEmail AddressTelephone
Kath Tracey +44 (0) 131 650 5456

Building Manager

NameEmail AddressTelephone
Dr David Brown +44 (0) 131 650 5453

Administrative Staff

NamePositionEmail AddressTelephone
David Bonas Edinburgh Genomics Business Manager
Carole Ferrier Postgraduate Secretary +44 (0) 131 650 5455
Jayne Glendinning School Research Administrator +44 (0) 131 650 7274
Andrew Lainson Business Administrative Assistant - Edinburgh Genomics +44(0)131 651 3633
Ana Serrano Administrative Assistant - Edinburgh Genomics +44(0)131 651 3633
Sophie Warlow Sequencing Technician

Academic Staff and Principal Investigators

NameResearch InterestEmail Address
BELL, Matthew Dr Evolution of social conflict
BLAXTER, Mark Professor The biology and evolution of nematodes, including the analysis of genes and gene families in the model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
BROWN, Sam Dr Social evolution of microbial virulence
COLEGRAVE, Nick Dr Evolution of adaptation and diversity
COLLINS, Sinead Dr Adaptation in complex environments
CUNNINGHAM, Emma Dr Evolutionary and behavioural ecology of reproductive strategies. Life-history evolution in particular, how life history decisions are affected by parasitism and disease. Sexual selection and sexual conflict
ENNOS, Richard Professor Evolution and adaptation in plants and fungi
FRENCH, Vernon Dr Senior Lecturer
GHARBI, Karim Dr SNP and QTL mapping
HADFIELD, Jarrod Dr Evolutionary quantitative genetics
JONES, Martin Dr Evolutionary bioinformatics
KEIGHTLEY, Peter Professor The evolutionary impact of new mutations. The evolutionary analysis of genome sequences. Complex trait genetics
KNOTT, Sara Dr Genetics of complex traits
KRUUK, Loeske Professor Life history evolution and quantitative genetics in natural populations, particularly wild vertebrate populations
LEIGH-BROWN, Andrew Professor Genetic variation and evolution of HIV, particularly the evolution of drug resistance
LEWIS, Sue Dr Population ecology, particularly the impact of individual variation on population processes
LITTLE, Tom Professor The evolutionary implications of parasitism and disease on host populations
LOHSE, Konrad Dr Population genomics and speciation
MOORAD, Jacob Dr Evolution of ageing
NURNBERGER, Beate Dr Senior Research Fellow
NUSSEY, Daniel Dr Evolutionary ecology and genetics of ageing and phenotypic plasticity
OBBARD, Darren Dr The evolution of insect viruses and insect immune systems
PEDERSEN, Amy Dr The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases; particularly co-infection dynamics in wild mammals and disease emergence
PEMBERTON, Josephine Professor Using molecular techniques to investigate issues in behaviour, ecology and evolution in natural populations
PHILLIMORE, Albert Dr Ecology and evolution on a macro-scale
RAMBAUT, Andrew Professor Molecular evolution and molecular epidemiology of RNA viruses; Computational techniques in molecular phylogenetics and evolution
REECE, Sarah Dr What makes a successful parasite
ROSS, Laura Genetic conflict
SHARP, Paul Professor Evolution of viruses; evolution of bacterial genomes
SILVERTOWN, Jonathan Professor Professor/PI
SMISETH, Per Dr Evolution of parental care, parent-offspring conflict, sexual conflict and sibling competition
STONE, Graham Professor Molecular ecology of insect-plant interactions
WALLING, Craig Dr Evolutionary ecology particularly sexual selection and the maintenance of genetic variation in life history traits
WALSH, Patrick Dr Behavioural ecology and animal cognition: life history responses to environmental factors, and the cognitive requirements of avian nest building.
WOOLHOUSE, Mark Professor Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
Professor Nicholas Barton Visiting Professor
Dr Susan Brotherstone Honorary Fellow
Dr Lutz Bunger Honorary Fellow
Professor Brian Charlesworth Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Professor Deborah Charlesworth Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
Dr Francis Daunt Honorary Fellow
Dr John Deag Honorary Fellow
Professor William G Hill Professor Emeritus
Professor Andrew Illius Professor Emeritus
Dr Lee Innes Honorary Fellow
Dr Peter Jones Honorary Fellow
Professor Aubrey Manning OBE Professor Emeritus
Dr Martyn Murray Honorary Fellow

Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Camillo Berenos Pemberton Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Roberta Bergero Deborah Charlesworth Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Jose Campos Deborah Charlesworth Group (Research Fellow)
Laetitia Canini Research Associate
Timothee Cezard Blaxter Group (Bioinformatician)
Eva Deinum Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Godefroy Devevey Pedersen Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Jennie Garbutt Little Group (Post Doc)
Helen Gunter Blaxter Group (Environmental Genomics Project Manager)
Damien Hicks Stone Group (Research Associate)
Rebecca Holland Nussey Group (Research Assistant)
Dr Jisca Huisman Pemberton Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Susan Johnston Pemberton Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Crispin Jordan Ennos Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Jerome Kelleher Barton Group (Research Fellow)
Dr Heidi Kuehne Collins Group (Research Assistant)
Dr Diane Lawrence Collins Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Alexandra Marshall Blaxter Group (Bioinformatician)
Lynsey McInnes Stone Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Andrew Morgan Keightley Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Rob Ness Keightley Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
James Nicholls Stone Group (Research Fellow)
Aidan O'Donnell Reece Group (Research Assistant)
Bert Overduin Bioinformatician
Jill Pilkington Pemberton Group (Research Associate)
Dr Lindsey Plenderleith Sharp Group (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Roman Popat Brown Group (Research Fellow)
Thibaud Porphyre EpiGroup (Research Fellow)
Dr Suo Qiu Deborah Charlesworth Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Maia Rabaa EpiGroup (Research Fellow)
Charlotte Repton Reece Group (Research Assistant)
Carolyn Riddell GenePool (Sequencing Technician)
Judith Risse Bioinformatician
Evie Rynkiewicz Pedersen Group (Sponsored Researcher)
Petra Schneider Reece Group (CIIE Junior Fellowship)
Ana Serrano GenePool (Administrative Assistant - Edinburgh Genomics)
Frazer Sinclair Stone Group (Seasonal Fieldworker)
Stuart Taylor GenePool (Bioinformatician)
Marian Thomson GenePool (Sequencing Technician)
Urmi Trivedi GenePool (Lead Bioinformatician)
Dr Pedro Vale Obbard Group (Research Fellow)
Bram van Bunnik EpiGroup (Research Fellow)
Dr Fergal Waldron Obbard Group (Research Assistant)
Ernest Walzel Blaxter Group (Bioinformatician (Programmer))
Melissa Ward EpiGroup (Post-Doc)
Kathryn Watt Nussey Group (Lab Manager)
Ian White Research Associate
Paul Wikramaratna Rambaut Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Philip Wilson Little Group (Research Assistant)
Gonzalo Yebra Postdoctoral Research Associate

Technical Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Martyn Baker Kruuk Group (Research Support Technician)
Helen Borthwick Brian Charlesworth Group (Research Technician)
Cathlene Eland GenePool (Sequencing Technologist)
Andrew Gillies GenePool (Sequencing Service Technician)
David Keszenman Pereyra GenePool (Sequencing Support Officer)
Stewart Laing GenePool (Sequencing Technologist)
Tony Miles Blaxter Group (Sequencing Technologist)
Elizabeth Mittel Hadfield Group (Technician)
Anna Montazam GenePool (Sequencing Service Technician)
Ronnie Mooney Reece Group (Research Technician)
Alison Morris Kruuk Group (Senior Research Technician)
Sean Morris Kruuk Group (Research Support Technician (field based))
Jenna Nichols GenePool (Sample Preperation Manager)
Pierre Ouvrard Stone Group (Seasonal Fieldworker)
Ashleigh Whiffin Research Technician
Nicola Wrobel GenePool (Sequencing Service Technician)

PhD Students

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Richard Allen
Philip Birget Reece Group
Thomas Black Pemberton Group
Thomas Booker
Kay Boulton Walling Group
Georgina Brennan Collins Group
Liam Brierley Pedersen Group
Rebecca Callaby EpiGroup
Lucy Carter Reece Group
Christina Coakley Cunningham Group
Daniel Cornforth Brown Group
Claire Donaldson Knott Group
Kevin Donnelly Ennos Group
Gytis Dudas Rambaut Group
Jenn Elliott Brown Group
Julja Ernst Stone Group
Sylvie Estrela Brown Group
Jessica Flood EpiGroup
Hannah Froy Nussey Group
Mizuho Fukushige EpiGroup
Cheryl Gibbons EpiGroup
Tom Godfrey Stone Group
Hanna Granroth-wilding Cunningham Group
Matthew Hall EpiGroup
Jack Hearn Blaxter Group
Jessica Hedge Rambaut Group
Emma Hodcroft Leigh-Brown Group
Athanasios Kousathanas Keightley Group
Josianne Lachapelle Colegrave Group
Sam Lewis Obbard Group
Nick Lowery Brown Group
Lu Lu Leigh-Brown Group
Sarah Mattey Smiseth Group
Maarit Mäenpää Smiseth Group
Emily Moore Pemberton Group
Reuben Nowell Sharp Group
Alyson Pavitt Pemberton Group
Richard Perry Sharp Group
Kim Prior Reece Group
Manon Ragonnet-cronin Leigh-Brown Group
Elisa Schaum Collins Group
Stephanie Smith Pemberton Group
Christine Tansey Phillimore Group
Annika Telford Ennos Group
Graham Thomas Blaxter Group
Eugenio Valderrama Escallon Stone Group
Becky Watson Nussey Group
James Westrip Bell Group
Mojca Zelnikar Leigh-Brown Group

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