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Vultures use eagles as food finders

Vultures track scavenging birds of prey to lead them to food, then swoop in large groups to steal it, a study of birds in Kenya shows.

Published 10 September.

Social network key to bugs spread

Fresh discoveries about how bacteria co-operate with each other when causing infection could help scientists identify animal diseases that might transmit to people.

Published 5 August.

Meerkats win by being sinister

The darker side of meerkats – which sees them prevent their daughters from breeding, and kill their grandchildren – is explained in a new study.

Published 22 July.

FRS for Peter Keightley

Congratulations to the School's Professor Peter Keightley, who has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, announced on 1 May 2014.

Published 7 May.

DNA linking humans to neandertals

Humans and neandertals mated in Europe and Asia thousands of years ago to give rise to a legacy of neandertal DNA in modern humans, a study has confirmed.

Published 8 April.


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