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Infections impact on relatatives

Disease in wild animals can have a greater impact on the health of others than on the infected animals themselves, a study suggests.

Published 17 July.

Algae to cope with more CO2

Tiny marine algae that play a critical role in supporting life on Earth may be better equipped to deal with future climate change than previously expected, research shows.

Published 12 July.

New research into Darwin's finches

A family of birds that helped Charles Darwin devise his famous theory of evolution has enabled scientists to gain new insight into biodiversity.

Published 10 July.

Inbred beetles need motherly love

Young beetles whose parents are closely related could have their survival prospects improved with extra care from their mother, a study suggests. The inbred offspring of burying beetles have a longer lifespan if they are raised by an attentive mother who can shield them from threats to their wellbeing, researchers say.

Published 27 June.


Registration is now open for EMPSEB21: 21st European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology. It’s organised by the University of Edinburgh, but will take place at the University of Stirling between 8-12th September 2015.

Published 24 March.


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