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Trojan horse tactic in parasites

Parasites use Trojan horse subterfuge to suppress the immunity of their victims when causing infection, according to a study.

Published 25 November.

Science to improve city landscape

University biologists are taking part in an initiative that aims to make Edinburgh the best city in Europe in which to live in by 2050.

Published 7 November.

MRSA bugs linked to livestock

Some MRSA bugs in UK hospitals can be traced back to a type of bacteria found in farm animals, a study suggests.

Published 3 November.

Vultures use eagles as food finders

Vultures track scavenging birds of prey to lead them to food, then swoop in large groups to steal it, a study of birds in Kenya shows.

Published 10 September.

Social network key to bugs spread

Fresh discoveries about how bacteria co-operate with each other when causing infection could help scientists identify animal diseases that might transmit to people.

Published 5 August.


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