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Professor Tom Freeman

Personal Chair of Systems Immunology

Highlighted Publications

Oncogenic Properties of Apoptotic Tumor Cells in Aggressive B Cell Lymphoma

Catriona Ford, Sofia Petrova, John Pound, JorineJ L P Voss, Lynsey Melville, Margaret Paterson, Sarah Farnworth, AwenM Gallimore, Simone Cuff, Helen Wheadon, Edwina Dobbin, CarolAnne Ogden, IngridE Dumitriu, Donald Dunbar, PaulG Murray, Dominik Ruckerl, Judith Allen, David Hume, Nico vanRooijen, John Goodlad, Tom Freeman, Christopher Gregory Current Biology Vol: 25 Pages: 577-588 02 Mar 2015

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Gene regulation. Transcribed enhancers lead waves of coordinated transcription in transitioning mammalian cells

Tom C Freeman, Richard Axton, J Kenneth Baillie, Malcolm E Fisher, Lesley Forrester, Thomas Ha, Andru Tomoiu, Kim M Summers, David A Hume and 101 others Science Vol: 347 Pages: 1010-4 27 Feb 2015

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A promoter-level mammalian expression atlas

J. Kenneth Baillie, Colin A. Semple, Robert S. Young, Malcolm E. Fisher, Thomas J. Ha, Anagha Joshi, Alison Meynert, James G. D. Prendergast, Kim M. Summers, Tom C. Freeman, Martin S. Taylor, David A. Hume and 251 others Nature Vol: 507 Pages: 462-+ 27 Mar 2014

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Analysis of the transcriptional networks underpinning the activation of murine macrophages by inflammatory mediators

Sobia Raza, Mark W Barnett, Zohar Barnett-Itzhaki, Ido Amit, David A Hume, Tom C Freeman Journal of Leukocyte Biology Vol: 96 Pages: 265-274 10 Apr 2014

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Transcriptome-Based Network Analysis Reveals a Spectrum Model of Human Macrophage Activation

J. Xue, SusanneV. Schmidt, J. Sander, A. Draffehn, W. Krebs, I. Quester, D. De Nardo, TruptiD. Gohel, M. Emde, L. Schmidleithner, H. Ganesan, A. Nino-Castro, MichaelR. Mallmann, L. Labzin, H. Theis, M. Kraut, M. Beyer, E. Latz, Tom Freeman, T. Ulas, JoachimL. Schultze Immunity Vol: 40 Pages: 274-288 20 Feb 2014

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An expression atlas of human primary cells: inference of gene function from coexpression networks

Neil A Mabbott, J Kenneth Baillie, Helen Brown, Tom C Freeman, David A Hume BMC Genomics Vol: 14 20 Sep 2013

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Coexpression analysis of large cancer datasets provides insight into the cellular phenotypes of the tumour microenvironment

Tamasin Doig, David A Hume, Thanos Theocharidis, John Goodlad, Christopher D Gregory, Tom C Freeman BMC Genomics Vol: 14 11 Jul 2013

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Can DCs be distinguished from macrophages by molecular signatures?

David A Hume, Neil Mabbott, Sobia Raza, Tom C Freeman Nature Immunology Vol: 14 Pages: 187-9 2013

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A gene expression atlas of the domestic pig

Tom C Freeman, Alasdair Ivens, J Kenneth Baillie, Dario Beraldi, Mark W Barnett, David Dorward, Alison Downing, Lynsey Fairbairn, Ronan Kapetanovic, Sobia Raza, Andru Tomoiu, Ramiro Alberio, Chunlei Wu, Andrew I Su, Kim M Summers, Christopher K Tuggle, Alan L Archibald, David A Hume BMC Biology Vol: 10 15 Nov 2012

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Network visualization and analysis of gene expression data using BioLayout Express(3D)

Thanos Theocharidis, Stjin van Dongen, Anton J. Enright, Tom C. Freeman Nature Protocols Vol: 4 Pages: 1535-1550 2009

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Construction of a large scale integrated map of macrophage pathogen recognition and effector systems

Sobia Raza, Neil McDerment, Paul A Lacaze, Kevin Robertson, Steven Watterson, Ying Chen, Michael Chisholm, George Eleftheriadis, Stephanie Monk, Maire O'Sullivan, Arran Turnbull, Douglas Roy, Athanasios Theocharidis, Peter Ghazal, Tom C Freeman BMC Systems Biology Vol: 4 May 2010

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