Records Management

Publication scheme

Information about the University's Guide to Information published under the Model Publication Scheme, and guidance for practitioners.

The University's Guide to Information

The University's Guide to Information is published on the University website. A paper copy is available on request from the Records Management Section.

The University of Edinburgh's Guide to Information

Guide to Information administration

A business unit's contribution to the University publication scheme is co-ordinated and maintained by its freedom of information practitioner.

Administration of the University publication scheme - restricted to freedom of information practitioners


Background to the University's publication scheme

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (the Act) requires the University to make certain types of information routinely available through a publication scheme.

Publication Scheme Manual

This manual is designed for University of Edinburgh information practitioners. It explains how to contribute and maintain publication scheme entries.

Subsidiary companies

Each of the University's subsidiary companies is required to have a publication scheme.