Vicky Chondrogianni



Selected publications

For more publications please visit my Academia website

Chondrogianni, V. & Marinis, T. (2014). Production of definite and indefinite articles in typically developing English-speaking children and children with SLI. Lingua. First view article: DOI: .

Chondrogianni, V. Marinis, T., Edwards, S. & Blom, E. (2014). Production and on-line comprehension of definite articles and clitic pronouns by Greek sequential bilingual children and monolingual children with Specific Language Impairment. Applied Psycholinguistics. First view article: DOI: .

Roesch, A.D. & Chondrogianni, V. (2014). Morphological cues in the comprehension of wh-questions in German-speaking simultaneous and early sequential bilingual children. In Proceedings of BUCLD 38. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

Jensen de Lopez, K. Sundahl Olsen, L. & Chondrogianni, V. (2014). Annoying Danish relatives: Comprehension and production of relative clauses in Danish typically developing children and children with SLI. Journal of Child Language, 41, 51-83.

Chondrogianni, V. & Tamburelli, M. (2013). Grammar in parsing and acquisition. Commentary on William O’Grady’s keynote article “The illusion of language acquisition”. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 3, 289-295.

Chondrogianni, V. & Marinis, T. (2011). Differential effects of internal and external factors on the development of vocabulary, morphology and complex syntax in successive bilingual children. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 1, 223-248.

Marinis, T. & Chondrogianni, V. (2011). Comprehension of pronouns and reflexives by English-speaking bilingual children. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 24, 202-212.

Undergraduate teaching

This year, I teach a new course on developmental language disorders that runs in Sembester 2. The UG version of the course is called Language Pathology and the PG version of the course is Developmental Language Disorders. I also co-teach the Second Language Acquisition module (UG & PG versions) with Prof. Antonella Sorace and the new Research Methods for Developmental Linguistics module (only PG version) with Mits Ota.

Office hours

Tuesday 16:00-17:00 Thursday 16:00-17:00

Areas of interest for supervision

I am currently supervising the following PhD projects:

Rebecca Huxley. Production of tense morphology and neurophysiological responses to tense violations in bilingual children with and without SLI. ESRC-funded PhD studentship in Language Sciences. Start October 2014.

Katerina Pantoula. Parsing wh-questions in English and Greek. Start September 2014.

Athanasia Papastergiou. Language and cognitive abilities of Welsh-English bilingual children attending different educational programmes in Wales. ESRC-funded PhD studentship in Bilingualism (co-supervision with Dr. Marco Tamburelli & Dr. Enlli Thomas, Bangor University). Start September 2014.

Current PhD students supervised

Past PhD students supervised

Anne-Dorothee Roesch (2014). Comprehension and production of wh-questions in typically developing 2L1 and L2 French-German children with and without language impairment. Bangor University.  

Research summary

first and second language acquisition, child bilingualism, psycholinguistics, language impairment

Current research interests

My research focuses on cross-linguistic aspects of acquisition and processing in typically-developing monolingual and bilingual children and in children with language impairment. My research addresses questions such as the following: What is the relationship between production and (on-line) comprehension/processing in impaired and unimpaired monolingual and bilingual children? How is this relationship affected by cross-linguistic differences in the target grammatical system? How can the comparison between different modalities inform us about the underlying nature of development and processing? I am also interested in the interplay between cognitive abilities, such as executive functions, and language abilities in typically-developing and language impaired children. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD on these or similar topics, please e-mail me. For more details, please visit my Academia website: