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Name Role Business unit(s)
Kahlid Abdul Research Student
Siti Abdul Latif Research Student
Anne Aboaja PhD Student
Farah Aboubakr Teaching Fellow
Amos Abrahams
Sharon Abrahams Professor
Peter Ackema Reader
Inga Ackermann Postgraduate Administrator (Research)
Juan-Carlos Acosta Chancellor's Fellow - Cellular Senescence and Tumour Suppression
Sibyl Adam The Affective Everyday in Narratives of Muslim Women Migrating to the UK 1906 - 2012
Dr Ian Adams Programme Leader
Stephanie Adams Research Student
Elizabeth Adeolu PhD Linguistics & English Language
Dr Ramsey Affifi Teaching Fellow
Sarah Agnew PhD Candidate - New Testament Language, Literature & Theology
Amrita Ahluwalia PhD Psychology
Calum Aikman PhD student - History
Mhairi Aitken Research Fellow
Tim Aitman Chair of Molecular Pathology and Genetics
Dr Farah Akbar Teaching Fellow (TESOL)