Claudia Pagliari

Senior Lecturer in Primary Care / Programme Director (MSc in Global eHealth)


Claudia is the Convener of the eHealth Interdisciplinary Research Group, Director of the MSc in Global eHealth and leads the interdisciplinary research group in digital health surveillance. She is also a member of the Global Health Academy (eHealth lead), the Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (Executive), the Alan Turing Institute, the Social Informatics Cluster, and the Edinburgh Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Group.

Her research primarily involves eHealth evaluation, expert analysis of global eHealth evidence, policy and markets, digital ethics, new forms of data for science, user engagement, global digital health, and the digital society. Key topics include patient-centred technologies (for example: assessable health records; mobile apps), telemedicine and virtual healthcare (for example: avatar and mobile phone disease support; direct to consumer genetic testing), digital technology in eGovernment and eGovernance (for example: social media; anti-corruption reporting apps) and ethics, privacy and trust (for example: around the sharing and reuse of personal data in healthcare and research).

She is a member of the UK College of Experts in Health Informatics, The Global Health (Informatics) Workforce Council,  and an accredited member of the UK Council for Health Informatics Professionals.

Undergraduate teaching

Contributes to vertical theme in Medical Informatics & Year 1 course in Health and Society

Postgraduate teaching

  • Directs the MSc in Global eHealth and leads or co-leads courses in ‘Ethics and Governance of eHealth’, ‘Business of eHealth’, ‘Public Heath Informatics’, ‘Introduction to Global eHealth’ and ‘Research & Evaluation in eHealth’
  • Supervises interdisciplinary PhD projects in eHealth (currently including social media use by patients, human resource information systems, health information management and governance in low income countries, digital pharmacy innovations)

Wider educational contributions

Externally, Claudia is a contributor to the NHS Clinical Informatics Specialist training programme, is a member of the Global Health Workforce Council (focused on health information curriculum standards) and is External Examiner in Health Data Science at the University of Manchester.

Project activity

Claudia's projects include telehealth, mHealth, date science, virtual agents,  social machines, data ethics, and digital governance, both in high and low income countries.

Project list on Edinburgh Research Explorer