Individual differences

Differential Psychology research at Edinburgh is concerned with the ways in which people influence their lives.

The work of the group is rated as world leading. We focus on this theme via a broad set of sub-topics, ranging from cognitive epidemiology to positive psychology. Key projects include Cognitive Epidemiology, Cognitive Ageing, Evolutionary Psychology, and Positive Psychology.

You would choose from a wide range of techniques, including large subject databases, archival work. Students take part in vibrant journal clubs, and join a large research community, with links across Britain, the USA, Australia, and elsewhere.

Staff working in this area

Differential Psychology research group

Recent/current PhD topics in this area

  • Cognitive ageing
  • The Biology of Coalition Affiliation
  • Depression and personality
  • Early effects on final Social Status
  • Primate personality
  • Symmetry, cognition, and health
  • The genetics of human language
  • PositivePsychology: The Good life (Eudaimonia) and Hedonic Wellbeing
  • Modelling the effects of education


Administrative questions should be directed to the Programme Secretary, Katie Keltie.

Katie Keltie

To discuss academic matters, contact the Programme Director, Alex Weiss.

Alex Weiss

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