PhD programmes

Find out about our Doctoral programmes in Psychology

In general, entrants to our 3-year PhD programmes will either have an existing MSc-level qualification (either from Edinburgh or another university) or will take a one-year MSc at Edinburgh followed by 3-years of Doctoral Study. Your choice of MSc from among those we offer should be guided by your area of interest.

Fees, funding and how to apply

Research specialities

We are particularly interested in receiving applications related to the following areas:

Developmental science

This programme provides a first class training in the mechanisms of human learning and development

Human cognitive neuroscience

Our core interests are in memory, attention, executive function, visual cognition, and perceptuo-motor control

Individual differences

Differential Psychology research at Edinburgh is concerned with the ways in which people influence their lives.


The Koestler Parapsychology Unit takes a broad approach to parapsychology

Psychology of language

The Psycholinguistic Research community in Edinburgh is internationally recognised as one of the foremost groups working on the psychology of language

Psychology of reading

The community of researchers in Edinburgh working on topics related to the Psychology of Reading is internationally recognised as one of the strongest groups in the world

Social psychology

Social Psychology research at Edinburgh is concerned with the way in which the social world has an impact on people

Visual cognition

Visual Cognition is a subgroup of our Human Cognitive Neuroscience research group