The latest news from the Psychology department

Age and literacy may protect against loss of cognitive function

The lifestyle factors that help protect us against dementia may also help prevent brain damage caused by strokes

Mediterranean diet could reduce brain shrinkage

Following a Mediterranean diet could reduce brain shrinkage in older age, PPLS research suggests

Would you sequence your own genome?

(CCACE) is taking part in a Science Saturday event at the National Museum of Scotland on Saturday 15th October

Welcome new students

Information for new students.

Sir Godfrey Thomson Exhibition

Pioneering educational psychologist brought to life in a new exhibition.

Mr Scott meets his brain!

Researchers team up with the National Museum of Scotland to build a model of Mr Scott’s brain.

Sir William Darling Memorial Prize

PhD student awarded the 2016 Sir William Darling Memorial prize.

Brain Maze: Amaze Your Brain

Psychology concourse transformed into a fascinating Brain Maze.

Young Investigator Award

Young Investigator award for Dr Bonnie Auyeung.

Forward Thinking Blog: Caroline Watt

New Forward Thinking Podcast now available.