Ancient philosophy

Metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy, from Aristotle and Plato to late antiquity

Our researchers collaborate across disciplines, especially with colleagues in Classics and Divinity. Our interests span a wide range of topics in ancient philosophy, broadly conceived to include philosophy in late antiquity.  

Along with colleagues based in Classics, we have contributed to major projects in the area, including the Oxford Classical Text of Plato and the Archelogos databases of ancient philosophy arguments. 

Archelogos website


Core philosophy staff working in Ancient Philosophy at Edinburgh include:

  Research interests
Dr Inna Kupreeva Ancient and medieval philosophy and science, Aristotelian tradition.
Dr David Levy Platonic ethics, Simone Weil.
Dr Andrew Mason Ancient philosophy and aesthetics, Plato.
Professor Theodore Scaltsas Ancient Metaphysics, Ancient Ethics, Contemporary Metaphysics

Staff in other departments with interests in Ancient Philosophy include:

Professor Douglas Cairns (Classics) Greek society and ethics, emotions.
Professor Joachim Gentz (East Asian Studies) Classical Chinese Philosophy.
Dr Benjamin Gray (Classics) Greek ethical and political thought, especially fourth-century BC and Hellenistic.
Professor Andrew Erskine (Classics) Hellenistic Political Philosophy. 
Dr Simon Trepanier (Classics) Presocratics, Papyrology. 
Dr Sara Parvis (Divinity) Early Christian philosophy, Patristics. 

Postgraduate study

MSc in Philosophy (specialisation in Ancient Philosophy is available)

MSc in Ancient Philosophy

PhD and MSc by Research programmes

Meetings and events

We hold regular meetings for staff and postgraduate students to discuss ancient philosophical texts in Greek and in Latin, typically in a reading group format in which we work on one text. 

Greek reading group (recently read Plato's "Timaeus").

Latin reading group (recently read Augustine's "De civitate dei").

There are many relevant seminars within philosophy, classics and other subjects that are also of interest to ancient scholars and students, for example, the Ancient Epistemology reading group brought together those with interests in Epistemology and Ancient Philosophy.

Previous ancient philosophy seminars

We also host the ancient philosophy reading group in Edinburgh three times a year. This is a group for faculty from Scottish and Northern English universities who specialise in ancient philosophy. For more details, contact Dr Inna Kupreeva.

Inna Kupreeva