MSc Ancient Philosophy

Delivered by staff from Philosophy, Classics, Divinity and Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Plato and Aristotle by Luca della Robbia


This combined programme offered by Philosophy and Classics aims to introduce students to the main fields, topics, and research methods in ancient philosophy. The programme is accessible through both Classics and Philosophy, with a variety of taught courses offered by specialists in both subject areas.

The programme is suitable for applicants with different previous backgrounds, most obviously, in philosophy and classics, but also in history, political theory, science, and literature.

It is a taught degree combining seminar teaching on specific topics with individual research supervision. In this course, the students will be exposed to the main doctrines and texts of ancient philosophy from a broad range of areas (Pre-Socratics, Plato and Aristotle, Hellenistic philosophy, Late Antiquity). An important goal of the course is to develop the ability to reconstruct, analyse and critically assess philosophical arguments and doctrines on the basis of a careful study of the texts. The degree is designed to provide a necessary preparation for further postgraduate research towards a doctoral degree, or an academic background to a professional career outside academia. For all those who wish it (especially for the students who plan to go on to a PhD in Ancient Philosophy), there will be an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of classical languages by studying the course texts in the original language.

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In addition to the course work, the students have an opportunity to improve their language skills and knowledge of ancient philosophy in reading groups.

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Administrative enquiries regarding applications to this programme should be directed to the School Postgraduate Office.

School Postgraduate Office

Academic enquiries should be addressed to the Programme Director, Dr Inna Kupreeva.

Dr Inna Kupreeva

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