The latest news from the Philosophy department

In Our Time on Pauli’s exclusion principle

Michaela Massimi, Professor in Philosophy of Science here at Edinburgh, to feature on BBC Radio 4’s  ‘In Our Time’.

PPLS Writing Centre now open to both 3rd- and 4th-year undergraduate students

The PPLS Writing Centre, which was previously available only to 3rd-year undergraduates, has opened its doors to 4th-year undergraduates as well.

Philosophy at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh is excited to be part of this year's festival (1st – 16th April), encouraging the connections between philosophy and science.

University of Edinburgh Philosopher wins Public Philosophy prize

Martin Smith, Philosophy lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, has won the inaugural Sanders Public Philosophy Prize


Interactive drop-in session on building models in science (with build and take-home models of the DNA)

Professor Andy Clark to lead Chandaria Lectures 2016

Prestigious Chandaria Lectures to be delivered by Professor Andy Clark

PPLS philosopher new RSE Young Academy of Scotland member

Royal Society of Edinburgh announces new members of the Young Academy of Scotland.

Welcome new students

Information for new students.

Most influential living philosophers

PPLS philosopher named as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers.