What's on in Philosophy



05 Apr

Computational mind reading group

An Intuitive Explanation of Convolutional Neural Networks

06 Apr

Contemporary debates in philosophy of science

Emma Tobin (UCL)

07 Apr

Postgraduates work in progress

The Significance of the Origin of the Concept of Intellectual Virtues for Epistemology and Education

12 Apr

Epistemology seminar

Counterfactuals and Theory Choice

13 Apr

Modeling Beyond Standard Model Physics

Philosophy of Physics Knowledge Exchange event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh

The Hunt for Supersymmetric Particles

Panel discussion with CERN physicists

19 Apr

Visiting speaker seminar

Staff Seminar

21 Apr

Kant’s Scots

Bi-annual workshop on Kant’s philosophy

Postgraduates work in progress

What kind of evince are intuitions?

26 Apr

PPIG: Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Group

The Problem of Intentionality and Bridging Interdisciplinary Divides

28 Apr

Edinburgh women in philosophy

Spring Workshop on Philosophy of Education

PPIG: Philosophy, Psychology, and Informatics Group

How to Make Friends by Ignoring Faces

10 May

Epistemology seminar

0lle Blomberg (University of Copenhagen)

24 May

Inaugural lecture: Professor Michela Massimi

Scientific evidence and a plurality of perspectives

Epistemology seminar

Joelle Proust (Institut Jean Nicod)

26 May

Ethics research group

Mill on Social Morality and Expediency

Ethics research group

Future Desires, the Agony Argument, and Subjectivism about Reasons

19-20 Jun

Seventh annual Edinburgh graduate epistemology conference

Keynote speakers:  Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (University of Michigan),  Ram Neta (University of North Carolina)