What's on in Philosophy



10 May

Epistemology seminar

Olle Blomberg (University of Copenhagen)

12 May

Twenty-seventh PPLS Interdisciplinary Seminar

The Perceptual Representation of Space

24 May

Inaugural lecture: Professor Michela Massimi

Scientific evidence and a plurality of perspectives

Epistemology seminar

Joelle Proust (Institut Jean Nicod)

26 May

Ethics research group

Mill on Social Morality and Expediency

Ethics research group

Future Desires, the Agony Argument, and Subjectivism about Reasons

19-20 Jun

Seventh annual Edinburgh graduate epistemology conference

Keynote speakers:  Maria Lasonen-Aarnio (University of Michigan),  Ram Neta (University of North Carolina)

03 Nov

Kant’s Scots

Bi-annual workshop on Kant’s philosophy