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Focus on resilience at Psychology Research Day

Psychology Centre to host research event inspired by the work of incoming Director Andrew McIntosh

Scottish Language Dictionaries appoints linguistics lecturer as Chief Executive

Dr Rhona Alcorn has been appointed Chief Executive of the Scottish Language Dictionaries

Artist in Residence exhibits at the Edinburgh Art Festival

Hanna Tuulikki is showing work at the Dovecot Studios as part of a group exhibition exploring women’s textile histories

Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal awarded to School's Professor

The Royal Society Medal is awarded to Michela Massimi, our School's Professor of Philosophy of Science

PPLS researchers at the Fringe Festival

Can we really classify languages as useful or useless? Is monolingualism making us ill?

The 2017 Joint Session in Philosophy

The largest gathering of philosophers in the country is underway at the University

PPLS Summer Graduations 2017

Students celebrating at PPLS Summer Graduation 2017
We celebrated the success of our PPLS graduates on Monday 3 July.

University of York names prize after School's Professor

The University of York has named a prize after Geoffrey K Pullum, our School’s Professor of General Linguistics.

Smart children more likely to live longer

Smart children are more likely to live longer, a study suggests.

Congratulations to our new Professors

Congratulations to Dr Matthew Chrisman and Dr Kenny Smith who have been appointed Personal Chairs