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Language in context

Studying how the social, interpersonal, and discursive context of language shapes its forms and uses

We are interested in studying how the social, interpersonal, and discursive context of language shapes its forms and uses. We welcome discussion of topics in sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and stylistics. Research topics include language ideologies, language and identity, language shift, attitudes to language, discourse analysis, and language contact.

We see the communicative and symbolic functions of language variation and use as fundamental to, not adjuncts to, a comprehensive theory of human linguistic production and comprehension. We believe that quantitative and qualitative methods complement each other in the study of linguistics, and we encourage research that explores productive ways of combining these types of data. 

We equally encourage research connecting descriptions of actual language use with theoretical approaches in linguistics and related disciplines.


Staff working in this area include:

  Research interests
Dr Claire Cowie World Englishes; language contact; morphological productivity; pragmatics
Dr Joseph Gafaranga Trilingualism; language shift and maintenance; online discourse analysis
Dr Lauren Hall-Lew Sociolinguistics; sociophonetics; phonetic methods; English variation and change; language and ethnicity; language and tourism
Professor John Joseph Applied linguistics; history of linguistics; semiotics

Postgraduate study

PhD and MSc by Research Programmes


The language in context group meets on Wednesday at 3pm - 4:30pm, room 3.11 (Dugald Stewart Building) in alternation with the language variation and change research group.

Language in context research seminars

Language variation and change research group

If you would like to present your research, hold a workshop, dry run a paper for a conference, or simply share your thoughts on any of the LinC-related topics please email Prof John Joseph to discuss possible dates. To find out about future events, sign up to the mailing list.

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