Linguistics and English Language

Postgraduate research programmes

Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh has an outstanding international reputation in many areas of research

We can offer expert supervision across a wide range of topics:

  • Developmental linguistics, including first and second language acquisition
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Historical English Linguistics, including the syntax, morphology, and phonology from the earliest periods to the present day
  • Language evolution. The study of the evolution of language was pioneered at Edinburgh
  • Morphology, including word formation, in particular of English and the Germanic languages
  • Phonetics and phonology, including diachronic phonology and the phonology of varieties of English and their history
  • Scots
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Speech technology
  • Syntax and semantics, including theoretical syntax, descriptive syntax of English, diachronic syntax and both lexical and formal semantics
  • Varieties of English, including British varieties and international varieties of English

Furthermore, there are a number of experts in a range of different theoretical approaches to the study of language.

MSc by Research

We offer two Masters level research programmes:


You should choose this programme if you wish to specialise in an area of linguistics covered by our research expertise

Linguistics (MSc by Research)

English Language

You should choose this programme if you wish to specialise in an area of English language or English linguistics

English Language (MSc by Research)

PhD programmes

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