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Researchers show their media talent

Dr Thomas Bak and Dr Joanna Kopaczyk from the school of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences have been selected to participate in the University's MediaTalent programme.


Celebrating research on Scots and Scottish English at the University of Edinburgh

LEL lecturer awarded Philip Leverhulme prize

Dr Hannah Rohde is the winner of a prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize

Welcome new students

Information for new students.

Forward Thinking Blog: Dr Lauren Hall-Lew

New Forward Thinking Podcast now available.

Baby talk words help infants learn language

A study by LEL researchers reveal repeated syllable words aid language development.

Language learning boosts mental agility

Short-term language learning aids mental agility.

Language can’t be hard wired in the brain

New evidence suggests that language ability may not be “hard wired”.

Bilingualism in the news

Linguistics Professor Antonella Sorace posits that rare languages should be preserved.

Bilingualism aids stroke recovery

Multilingual patients more likely to recover cognitive abilities.