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03 Apr

Bilingualism reading group

The acquisition of morphophonology: the influence of linguistic and child level specific factors

04 Apr

Language evolution seminar

Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence at the Centre for Language Evolution

06 Apr

Sociolinguistics reading group

Influences of accent and ethnic background on perceptions of eyewitness testimony

10 Apr

Bilingualism reading group

Instructed vs. Uninstructed Bilinguals: the Role Played by Metalinguistic Awareness in Third Language Acquisition

13 Apr

57th Language at Edinburgh lunch - CANCELLED

Informal poster session

18 Apr

Language evolution seminar

Word order universals reflect cognitive biases: Evidence from silent gesture and corpus statistics

24 Apr

Bilingualism reading group

Blood and sugar: Emotional response in bilinguals

25 Apr

Language evolution seminar

Representational Considerations in Models of Sound Change

26 Apr

Language variation and change

Gay and straight French and German men use different /s/-es, but don't perceive them differently

English language seminar

Lexical Variation and Dialectal Motivation in the Textual Transmission of Middle English Works

02 May

Language evolution seminar

The effect of semantic cues on the regularisation of unpredictable variation

10 May

AMC Biennial lecture

Pertinacity of Phonological Nonsuches

05 Jun

Language Variation and Change / Developmental Linguistics / P-Workshop

"No Mummy, it's a b[ɑː]th not a b[æ]th!" The effects of language background and exposure on the processing of accented speech by monolingual and bilingual”