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02 Feb

Sociolinguistics reading group

The Social Dynamics of Language Change in Online Networks

Linguistic Circle

Shilluk noun morphology and noun phrase morphosyntax

06 Feb

Bilingualism reading group

First language attrition at the interface among Chinese-English late bilingual speakers

07 Feb

Language evolution seminar - CANCELLED

Developmental linguistics

Association of the type of toy used during play with the quantity and quality of parent-infant communication

08 Feb

Language variation and change

Preaspiration in Norwegian: what’s a “dialect difference”?

09 Feb

Sociolinguistics reading group

Labov in anthropology

Developmental linguistics

Synergies in early lexical and syntactic acquisition

10 Feb

Twenty-sixth PPLS Interdisciplinary Seminar

Are some experiences impossible to put into words?

14 Feb

Language evolution seminar

Informativeness: A review of work by Regier and colleagues

Developmental linguistics

The development of turn-taking: Pre-schoolers may predict what you will say,

but they don’t use those predictions to plan a reply

16 Feb

56th Language at Edinburgh lunch

Informal poster session

Sociolinguistics reading group

PhD work in progress

Linguistic Circle

Investigating the impact of structural factors upon that/zero complementizer alternation patterns

in nine verbs of cognition: A diachronic corpus based multifactorial analysis

20 Feb

Edinburgh Lectures in Language Evolution

Inauguration of the Centre for Language Evolution in Edinburgh

21 Feb

Developmental linguistics

The Bilingual Advantage in Third Language Acquisition

02 Mar

Sociolinguistics reading group

PhD work in progress

Linguistic Circle

08 Mar

Language variation and change

Indexing social meaning: Sociophonetic variables and listener perceptions of Turkish

09 Mar

Sociolinguistics reading group

Expressing and perceiving identity and intentions in a second language:

a preliminary exploratory study of the effect of (extra)curricular contact on sociolinguistic development

16 Mar Linguistic Circle
30 Mar Linguistic Circle