Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

Dr Holger Schulze

I am working in the field of electrochemical biosensors and microarrays for molecular diagnostics.

Dr Holger Schulze

Research Interests

  • More than 10 years experience in biosensor research including the development of amperometric enzyme biosensors, screen-printing, electrochemical sensors for DNA detection as well as protein and DNA microarrays.
  • Part of a multi-disciplinary research team working on the development of a theranostic biosensor platform and a diagnostic platform to support chronic wound care.


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Conference Presentations

Biosensors 2014, Melbourne, Australia. Oral presentation "Of Sample Preparation and Biomarkers – Turning Good Biosensors into Better Molecular Diagnostics"
SCIENION's Workshop Series DIAGNOSTICS 4.0 - Miniaturized Assays: Technologies, Applications & Markets, Berlin, Germany. Oral presentation "Rapid Detection of Antimicrobial Resistance: From Microarrays to Point of Care Testing with Electrochemical Biosensors"
German Biosensor Symposium, Wildau (Germany). Oral presentation “Direct label-free molecular detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) using an impedimetric biosensor"
Biosensors 2012, Cancun, Mexico. Oral presentation "Dielectrophoretic manipulation of ribosomal RNA for nucleic acid biosensors"
German Biosensor Symposium, Heiligenstadt (Germany). Oral presentation “Enhanced enzymatic signal amplification for impedimetric DNA biosensors"
20th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, Glasgow, UK. Oral presentation “Improving the sensitivity and speed of DNA microarrays”
German Biosensor Symposium, Freiburg (Germany). Oral presentation “Improving the sensitivity and speed of DNA microarrays”
Advances in Microarray Technology, Barcelona (Spain). Oral presentation “Automated Production of Functional Hepatitis C Protein Microarrays on 3D Substrates Using Inkjet”
VIII International Meeting on Cholinesterases, Perugia (Italy). Oral presentation “Highly sensitive insecticide detection by protein engineering of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis acetylcholinesterase”
The Seventh World Congress on Biosensors, Kyoto (Japan). Poster “Disposable AChE-biosensor for rapid infant food testing with high accuracy at trace concentrations”