Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

DIPM Admin, Teaching and PI Listing

DIPM staff

Management, Technical and Administrative Support

  • Dr Till Bachmann  Deputy Head of Division
  • Iona Beange  Communications Officer
  • Marie Craigon  Lab Manager
  • Professor Jürgen Haas  Head of Division
  • Marilyn Horne  Administrator
  • Pauline McManus  Research Project Manager
  • Richard Perry  Admin Support
  • Alan Ross  Senior Technical Officer


  • Dr Till Bachmann  Reader, Online MSc Programme Director
  • Dr Jenna Fyfe  Teaching Fellow, Online MSc Deputy Programme Director
  • Dr Ewan Macleod  Lecturer, Online MSc Programme Director
  • Dr Kim Picozzi  Senior Lecturer, Online MSc Programme Director
  • Dr Douglas Roy DIPM Postgraduate Research Coordinator, Infectious Diseases Honours Programme Director
  • Dr Simon Talbot  Senior Lecturer

Research Fellows

Associate Principal Investigators

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