Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

DIPM Research Groups

Our research groups based in Little France.

Research Group Description  
Auer Group Ultra high-throughput screening platforms  
Bachmann Group Biochip research and infectious disease diagnostics  
Ghazal Group Transcriptional regulatory networks and host-pathogen interactions  
Haas Group Pathogenesis of infectious diseases  
Johannessen Group Oncogenic human herpesviruses  
Pathway Informatics Developing a software infrastructure and novel applications which support our lab research  
Picozzi Group Investigation of molecular epidemiology of neglected zoonoses  
Schneiders Group The role of intrinsic mechanisms that contribute to the evolution of antibiotic resistance  
Sloan Group     
Talbot Group Immunotherapy to targed virus induced malignancies & virus infected cells  
Taylor Group Helminth vaccine development  
Templeton Group Molecular diagnostics and epidemiology.  
Welburn Group Molecular Diagnostics for sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis