David Hume: Celebrating Connections

2011 marked the tercentenary of the birth of David Hume, one of our most distinguished alumni.

To celebrate the milestone, the University hosted a year of lectures, exhibitions and activities.

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  • Prof. David Fergusson - Hume as Religious Sceptic
  • Dr Tillman Vierkant - The Illusion of Conscious Will: On Wegner's use of Hume's Associationism
  • Prof. Mike Ridge - Hume, The Circumstances of Justice, and Paternalism
  • Prof. Sheila Dow - The Relevance of Hume for Modern Economics
  • Dr Nicholas Phillipson - Hume: Philosophy, History and the Science of Man
  • Prof. Paul Guyer - Hume, Kant, and the Passion for Reason

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