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The following news articles were published in 2017:  

Sun and memories help ants navigate backwards

They are famed for their highly developed work ethic … now a study shows ants’ navigational skills are more sophisticated than was previously thought.

Hobbies may help thinking in older age

People who enjoy a range of leisure activities in middle age are more likely to stay mentally sharp in later life, a study suggests.

Crohn’s and colitis study probes relapse triggers

People with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are being invited to take part in a study to better understand the diseases.

£1.5m trial for brittle bone therapy

People with a rare bone condition that can cause them to have hundreds of fractures during a lifetime are being invited to trial a potential treatment.

Pig advance could boost prized sperm stocks

Gene-editing techniques could help to improve stocks of farmed pigs by boosting supplies of sperm from prized sires.

Scientists aid forest protection project

University researchers are to provide expertise in a prominent international project to protect the world’s tropical forests.

When the snow is deep and crisp, but uneven

Stepping in deep snow can have a distinctive feel – now engineers and scientists have shed light on why this is.

£24m grant to probe deadly lung infections

Experts have received €29 million (£24m) to investigate serious lung infections that particularly affect babies and older people.

Tropics’ biggest peatland at risk

Expanses of peatland newly discovered in Africa are vulnerable to climate change and should be protected, research suggests.

Support for African IT charity made easy

The University is backing a student-led charity dedicated to improving education in Africa.

Solar power plan to purify water in India

A solar-powered purification system could provide remote parts of India with clean drinking water for the first time.

World’s first national live music census announced

A volunteer army of music lovers is being recruited to take part in the UK’s first ever live music census.