College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine


Vidiowiki is a community of researchers from around the world talking about their work and why it is interesting, in 3 minutes or less. We want you, our postgraduate students, to get involved!

An online research community

Vidiowiki allows users to find and build connections to other Vidiowikis and research topics and displays the connections on a virtual link map. Users can also post academic papers, web links and other supporting materials with their videos.

Why participate in Vidiowiki?

Engage and collaborate with other researchers around the world

Public engagement - have complete control over how your research is portrayed

Make yourself more attractive to future employers

Increase the profile of papers you've written

Getting started

  1. Go to the Vidiowiki website - see related links below
  2. Create a login, using your University of Edinburgh email address.
  3. Click on 'Record' in the menu. You'll find instructions here on how to make and upload your video. It's easiest if you have a webcam on your computer, but you can also upload something you've pre-recorded.
  4. Add tags to your video using keywords associated with the topic. To be connected to all other College videos, please ensure you include the letters 'CMVM' in the title of your film.
  5. Upload any supporting materials such as papers you've authored or links to your research centre website or blog.
  6. You'll start to see connections between your own research and other research videos posted on the site. This may open some interesting collaborative opportunities.