English Literature

Academic staff

Listing of academic staff in English Literature.

Head of Department

Name Position Email
Dr Andrew Taylor Head of Department Andrew.Taylor@ed.ac.uk

All academic staff

Name Position Email
Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier Personal Chair in English Literature Celeste-Marie.Bernier@ed.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Carpenter Senior Lecturer Sarah.Carpenter@ed.ac.uk
Dr Dermot Cavanagh Senior Lecturer Dermot.Cavanagh@ed.ac.uk
Dr Simon Cooke Lecturer Simon.Cooke@ed.ac.uk
Dr Paul Crosthwaite Senior Lecturer Paul.Crosthwaite@ed.ac.uk
Dr Rebecca Davies Teaching Fellow Rebecca.Davies@ed.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Dunnigan Senior Lecturer S.M.Dunnigan@ed.ac.uk
Dr David Farrier Senior Lecturer and Knowledge Exchange and Impact Director David.Farrier@ed.ac.uk
Professor Penny Fielding Grierson Professor of English Literature Penny.Fielding@ed.ac.uk
Dr Miriam Gamble Lecturer mgamble@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Dr Alan Gillis Senior Lecturer Alan.Gillis@ed.ac.uk
Dr Keith Hughes Lecturer Keith.Hughes@ed.ac.uk
Dr Katherine Inglis Chancellor's Fellow - Lecturer K.Inglis@ed.ac.uk
Dr Robert P. Irvine Senior Lecturer R.P.Irvine@ed.ac.uk
Robert Alan Jamieson Senior Lecturer R.A.Jamieson@ed.ac.uk
Dr Carole Jones Lecturer Carole.Jones@ed.ac.uk
Dr Aaron Kelly Senior Lecturer Aaron.Kelly@ed.ac.uk
Dr Michelle Keown Senior Lecturer Michelle.Keown@ed.ac.uk
Dr Anouk Lang Lecturer Anouk.Lang@ed.ac.uk
Dr Alex Lawrie Chancellor's Fellow Alex.Lawrie@ed.ac.uk
Professor James Loxley Professor of Early Modern Literature, Research Director James.Loxley@ed.ac.uk
Dr Simon Malpas Senior Lecturer Simon.Malpas@ed.ac.uk
Nicola McCartney Lecturer Nicola.McCartney@ed.ac.uk
Dr Jane McKie Lecturer Jane.McKie@ed.ac.uk
Dr Kenneth Millard Senior Lecturer K.Millard@ed.ac.uk
Dr Tim Milnes Senior Lecturer Tim.Milnes@ed.ac.uk
Dr Tom Mole Reader Tom.Mole@ed.ac.uk
Sam Riviere Writer in Residence Sam.Riviere@ed.ac.uk
Dilys Rose Senior Lecturer Dilys.Rose@ed.ac.uk
Dr David Salter Lecturer David.Salter@ed.ac.uk
Dr Lee Spinks Senior Lecturer Lee.Spinks@ed.ac.uk
Dr Allyson Stack Lecturer Allyson.Stack@ed.ac.uk
Professor Randall Stevenson Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature Randall.Stevenson@ed.ac.uk
Professor Olga Taxidou Professor of Drama Olga.Taxidou@ed.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Taylor Senior Lecturer Andrew.Taylor@ed.ac.uk
Dr Greg Thomas British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow Greg.Thomas@ed.ac.uk
Dr Alice Thompson Lecturer Alice.Thompson@ed.ac.uk
Dr Alex Thomson Senior Lecturer Alex.Thomson@ed.ac.uk
Dr Suzanne Trill Senior Lecturer S.Trill@ed.ac.uk
Dr Anna Vaninskaya Senior Lecturer Anna.Vaninskaya@ed.ac.uk
Professor Greg Walker Regius Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature Greg.Walker@ed.ac.uk
Dr Lena WÃ¥nggren MHRA Research Fellow Lena.Wanggren@ed.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Wild Senior Lecturer JWild@ed.ac.uk