English Literature

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Profiles for current PhD students in English Literature.

Current PhD students in English Literature
Sibyl Adam The Affective Everyday in Narratives of Muslim Women Migrating to the UK 1906 - 2012 Sibyl Adam
Louise Adams William Godwin’s Media Theory: Reading, Books and Literary Culture, 1783-1836 Louise Adams
Mahdi Alizadeh Ziaei Vice as a Comic Device in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Comedies Mahdi Alizadeh Ziaei
Victoria Anker The performance of rituals and ceremonies of power in 1640s England Victoria Anker
Laura Beattie Working title: Community, Citizenship and the Commonwealth in Shakespeare’s Comedies Laura Beattie
James Benstead “Hence this hapax legomenon”: radio broadcasting and the archipelagic modernism of Hugh MacDiarmid James Benstead
Sarah Bernstein The Administered Life: Women, Fiction, Welfare, 1949-1979 Sarah Bernstein
David Coates   David Coates
Muireann Crowley Authorship and Authorial Identity in the Novels of Sydney Owenson Muireann Crowley
Marc di Sotto   Marc di Sotto
Yanbing Er Evoking Elsewhere: A Poetics of Sexual Difference in Contemporary Women’s Writing Yanbing Er
Olivia Ferguson Perfect Deformity: Caricature and the Literature of the Romantic Period Olivia Ferguson
Siobhan Fitzgerald Voicing the double: The use of the auditory in literary and psychoanalytic doubling Siobhan Fitzgerald
Alison Garden Empathy, Alterity and the Transnational Imagination in the work of Colum McCann Alison Garden
Anna Girling   Anna Girling
Julia Hammer   Julia Hammer
Lucy Hinnie Negotiating the querelle des femmes in Scottish Literature, 1424-1570 Lucy Hinnie
Alex Howard   Alex Howard
Laeticia Huguet   Laeticia Huguet
Aislinn Hunter Evocative Objects: A Reading of Resonant Things and Material Encounters in Victorian Writers’ House/ Aislinn Hunter
Natalie Lankester-Carthy The Hereditary Curse: Senecan tropes of inheritance and mortality in early modern revenge tragedy Natalie Lankester-Carthy
Lucy Linforth Fragments of the Past: Walter Scott, Material Culture and the Antiquarian Imagination Lucy Linforth
Phoebe Linton Female Marginality in Arthurian Literature Phoebe Linton
Harriet MacMillan Feminist Rewritings of Mythology in the Canongate Myths Series Harriet MacMillan
Vicki Madden Horror of Personality: Exploring the gothicisation of mental illness and disorders of personality in post-World War II American fiction Vicki Madden
Drew Maxwell   Drew Maxwell
Gena McNutt   Gena McNutt
Rosaleen Nolan   Rosaleen Nolan
Hannah Perrin   Hannah Perrin
Pablo San Martin Myth and Enlightenment in Shelley’s Work: Rethinking History and Agency in the Aftermath of the French Revolution Pablo San Martin
Justine Seran Rewriting (Inter)Subjectivity: Australian Aboriginal and Aotearoa/New Zealand Maori Women Writers Justine Seran
Sarah Sharp 'The Graveyard Politic': Death and Nation in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Sarah Sharp
Catriona Shaupp   Catriona Shaupp
Helen F Smith Disability, Impairment and Bodily Transgression in Late-Medieval Drama: Constructions, Representations and the Spectrum of Signification. Helen F Smith
Harriet Stilley Masculinity in Crisis: Late Capitalism and Models of Manhood in Contemporary American Fiction Harriet Stilley
Emma Sullivan Extreme Figurations in Contemporary American Fiction Emma Sullivan
Kwasu Tembo   Kwasu Tembo
Fran Tomlin   Fran Tomlin
Simon Trub The Poetics of post-1945 Epic Poetry Simon Trub