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Muslims in Britain

As well as being the second-largest religious community in the world, Islam is now the second-largest religious community in the UK.

Mohammed Ali

The latest official figures from the 2011 Census suggest that 4.8% of the population of England and Wales, and 1.4 % of the population of Scotland, is Muslim. For the UK as a whole, the figure is 4.5%

The British Muslim population is a youthful one, compared to the overall British population, which is considered to be ageing. 33% of British Muslims are under 15 years of age, compared to 19% for the nation as whole. Similarly, only 4% of British Muslims are over the age of 65, while the figure is 16% for Britain as a whole.

Following the general election of theĀ 8th of May 2015 there are 13 Members of Parliament who are Muslim (9 Labour, 3 Conservative, 1 SNP; 5 men, 8 women), and there are 15 Muslim members of the House of Lords (4 Conservative, 4 Liberal Democrat, 2 Labour, 2 Crossbench and 3 non-affiliated; 8 men and 7 women).


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