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Our seminars are sponsored in part by The Physiological Society.

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CIP seminars are held on Tuesday at 13:00pm in the Hugh Robson lecture theatre, unless otherwise indicated

Munc18 (STXBP1) under the nanoscope: link to synucleopathies

Prof Fred Meunier (University of Queensland); Host: Mike Cousin

29 August, 1 pm, Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

Hypothalamic glutamate-vasopressin pathways modulate GABAergic microcircuitries of lateral habenula during stress coping

Limei Zhang; Host: Mike Ludwig

22 September, 1 pm, Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

Mary Pickford Lecture

This year's annual lecture will be delivered by Prof Hannah Monyer (DKFC, Heidelberg) on 6 October in the Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

Announcement and award of the Alison Douglas Prize for the best PhD thesis will be made at 12:45 pm; lecture starts at 1 pm.

Mary Pickford Lecture

Prof Hannah Monyer's research profile