Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

IAD support for enhancing your teaching

Information to help you reflect on, record and, where possible, accredit your teaching experience. Includes information on the Introduction to Academic Practice (IntroAP) and Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTA).

Seeking accreditation & other teaching development

Overview of how to seek accreditation and develop your teaching in other ways, and what support is on offer at Edinburgh for the different ways in which to do so.

Collecting feedback on your teaching

Suggestions for different ways in which you can collect feedback on your teaching.

Reflecting on your teaching

Resources and research on teaching can help you think more systematically about the approaches you take in your teaching.

Discussing your teaching with others

Information on our IAD office hours for tutors and demonstrators.

Recording teaching experiences

Materials and courses available at Edinburgh which are designed to help you get started with recording your teaching experiences.

Principal's Career Development Scholars - teaching

Information for Principal’s Career Development Scholarship (PCDS) holders who have chosen to develop their teaching.

Introduction to Academic Practice

About the Introduction to Academic Practice course, a Higher Education Academy accredited course.

Higher Education Academy direct applicants

Information on getting your teaching experience formally accredited by the Higher Education Academy by way of making a direct application to the HEA.

PgCert in Academic Practice eligibility

Advice for more experienced tutors and demonstrators who may be considering participation in the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP).

The Edinburgh Teaching Award

This page summarises what the Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTA) involves and directs you to detailed information and ways to get started.